Stages of Construction

Pre Construction Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to have the construction superintendent, salesman, and homeowner meet on site to go over all job details ensuring a quality pool and a completely satisfied customer.

layout and digLayout, Dig, and Steel

A trained professional will begin construction by staking out the pool shape. Digging will begin after we have inspected the layout for proper placement. Once dug, steel will be installed and inspected by your local building department before gunite is scheduled.

pool building process - pool shellPool Shell

Gunite is pneumatically sprayed on to the formed steel and hand shaped to match to pool design. After one to two days the wood forms are removed, and the shell is back filled.

plumbingPlumbing and Tile

Here piping is installed, the equipment is set, and any water features are pre-plumbed and pressurized. Once pool piping is complete a tile professional will install perimeter tile, set water features, and form steps around deck.

interior finishInterior Finish

The interior finish provides the water proofing to your gunite shell. There are a variety of textures and colors available to choose from.

pool building process - electrical


A licensed electrician will install your pool electrical panel and connect all equipment, lights, and accessories.



The deck perimeter is defined with form boards and an building inspection is scheduled. Depending on the type of deck your construction steps will vary. Once the deck is completed, measurement for your screen (if applicable) can be taken.

pool building process - screen enclosureScreen

Screens are built off site and then reassembled on your job site.

pool alarmchild safety fence

Child Safety Fence or Alarms

Florida Building Code requires either a child safety fence or alarms on all doors and windows that have access to the pool area. These safety devices must be in place before your pool can be scheduled for interior finish.

Chemical Clean UpChemical Start Up and Clean Up

At this point your pool is full of water, but your pool is not quite ready for swimming. The chemicals must be balanced to ensure a safe swimming environment for you and your family. Final clean up and adjustment are made to the pool and its equipment.

Pool School

An experienced pool technician will teach you how to maintain and operate your pool and its features.

Now you’re ready to swim and enjoy your pool!!!

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