A spool is the perfect combination on a pool and a spa. Measuring 10 to 16 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide a spool is a prodigious size for mixing relaxation and swimming activities.

A spool comes with jets similar to a spa and seating up to 360 degrees around the entire perimeter. Although less space than the average pool; a spool has plenty of space for exercising and leisurely swimming. Being able to maintain the temperature easily makes this combo impeccable for any time of year.

Is a Spool right for you? Here are a few details to weigh.

  • Do you have a smaller area to work with?
  • Cost- Yes a Spool CAN cost less than a Pool/Spa  Combo
  • Attention to detail, with a spool you can afford many more upgrade to create the “LOOK” you want opposed to the pool/spa combo where money is wrapped into size and space.
  • Versatility: A spool can be heated to max temperature much quicker than a pool and can also be cooled down for swimming. This temperature can be maintained throughout this smaller body of water throughout the year.
  • Easier to Maintain: A spool will have the same amount of equipment, however the amount of space and water is less, in return less to maintain

Is it a pool?  Is it a spa?  it’s both.  It’s a big Spa that can function as a Pool or a Spa. Great for entertaining and relaxing!

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